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Users are credentials that any authorization_code or password grant challenges are checked against, plus they contain any claim values:

	"username" : "admin",
    "password": "$2b$10$uQP8/fUQ.sHzupBgqUq2luWNVZo4mNm2Lh/HrYPvxz3JPWG8ZFHeS",
    "registered": "2020-06-13T21:50:31.653Z",
    "claims": {
    	"email" : "my@email.com",
        "roles": [

Claims will be included within the generated JWT token, aslong as that claim is included within any of the scopes requested by the client. Claims can have 1 value or multiple, and can be complex objects (if required) - but must not be abused or your tokens will become unweildy.

Passwords are hashed and one way encrypted with a unique salt per user. To change the password for user, enter a plain text password into the document in place of the encrypted password.

All users can login to any client - there is no tenancy within the user database.